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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Brookings Area FCA Huddles:

School                                                                                                                Huddle Leader

Arlington                                                                                              Anita Boeck

Brookings Middle School                                                                    Cris Engen

Brookings High School                                                                       
Lynn & Mary Frederick

Colman/Egan                                                                                        Cheryl Angle

Deubrook                                                                                              Paul Nepodal

Elkton                                                                                                    Tal Farnham

Flandreau                                                                                              Owen Parsley

Sioux Valley                                                                                          Dan Hughes

South Dakota State University                                                            T.J. Carlson

We have some great ministry happening in our area, and it wouldn't be possible without volunteers who were passionate about Jesus Christ and about Student Athletes. THANK YOU for what you do!

Huddle Leaders:

For information on FCA and What an FCA Huddle looks like on the campus visit

For a great resource for games, talks, bible studies and ideas visit

Interesting in Volunteering with FCA, the first step is to fill out an FCA Ministry Leader Application